Video User Guide
1. File Management
Huge files! How do you manage it ?
X10 provides well-qualified File Management function. This function will help you to manage huge files in the hard disk of X10 with easy without computer. You can run 'delete, move, rename, or copy' option with this file managemet function. I believe you would use a big capacity of 3.5" hard disk with X10, because currently the price for big capacity 3.5" hard disk like 500GB, 700GB, 1TB or even 2TB is not much expensive. As even your huge capacity hard disk of X10 will be full of files eventually, the file management function of X10 must be a great function for your file managemet job.
2. Useful Functions
Play data file CD or DVD
Probobly you may get audio file data CD with various media like CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW. X10 can play these kind of data CD also. And, you can copy(transfer) the music in the CD to Music DB.
You can make playlist with music files in Music DB.
Automatic Firmware Update through network
In case that higher version of firmware exists at our server system, your X10 check it automatically when you boot it up. You can update X10 with new firmware with easy.
Import(Copy) music file or music folder in USB host to Music DB TAG Edit
You can edit TAG information for music file. This function is useful when you copy(import) music files in USB host to the Music DB.
You can bookmark into the file when it is playing. This function is useful for long files like story files.
Alarm set
X10 provides Alarm setting function to wake you up on the designated time.
To get information on Music DB
You can check Music DB information by pressing INFO key of remote control. You can get information like the number of track, genre, album, artist and not converted track in the Music DB.
'Display Mode' at Music DB
You can display files in Music DB by name of album, artist, genre or title according to your preference.
'Album View' at Music DB
You can list up albums in Music DB by its cover art or text.
My Playlist function
This is a kind of virtual playlist. My Playlist will be removed if you stop playing it or power off X10.
AUX(Line-In) Recording
You can connect your audio players(like MP3P or Turntable, etc) to X10 through AUX-in of X10.
HDD Format function
This function will help you to format HDD with ease.
* HDD format function of X10 does not support multi-partitioning.
Storage selection for Music DB
You can use USB host port of X10(USB memory stick or external HDD) also as Music DB storage.
Music DB Recovery
There is a possibility to get a damage or error on album or files in the Music DB when you run several functions like 'Rename, Delete, Copy to DB or CD Ripping' etc. If there is some error in the Music DB, the X10 may not play the files properly or may not rip CDs Properly. The Music DB Recovery function will help to clear these problems.
Jump(Shortcut to find album, title, etc) on the list screen
On each list mode, if you press an alphabet key of remote control, the cursor will jump on the first file which has the selected alphabet at first position.
Seek function on Playing Screen
On the playing screen, you can run seek function by pressing numeric key of remote control. For example, if you press 5 key during playing a file, it starts playing from the 50% position of the file based on total playing time.
Music DB Backup and Restore
On each list mode, if you press an alphabet key of remote control, the cursor will jump on the first file which has the selected alphabet at first position.
Sleep mode
X10 can be powered off automatically in the designated time with SLEEP button.
Internet Time setting
You can select any city time and set it for your time as X10 provides worldwide internet time table.
Auto Play
X10 boots up and play the designated music file automatically without pressing the power button once power is supplied to it.
During music playing, you can change equalizer mode with E.Q. button of remote controller.
(Normal / Classic / Live / Pop / Rock / Jazz / Dance / Vocal / Soft / Bass)
Wizard Setup(Setup Assistant)
This function is valid for only '1st booting up after X10 purchasing' and '1st booting after factory reset run'.
LCD Brightness
You can control the brightness of LCD.
Discography means that you list up all albums for each artist.
Resume Play function
When you boot up X10, it will play automatically the music or i-Radio station that was last stopped.
3. Summary of X10 UI(user interface)
X10 provides a well-designed high quality UI through its 3.5inch full color TFT LCD in the front of it. The user-friendly UI lets you enjoy various functions with easy. Thanks to big screen, vivid icon and white text with black background, you can keep staying in your comfortable sofa to play music.

Main UI

TAG Edit


Search by Artist


Playing mode


4. X10 supports HD FLAC and HD WAV including various type of audio codec and format.
It can support HD FLAC(24bit/192Khz), HD WAV(24bit/192Khz), Apple Lossless Audio Codec(ALAC), AIFF, AIF, M4A, MP3,