Video User Guide
The useful functions
Record in 192KHz sample rate
Record from Analog IN, AUX IN, FM Radio and iRadio to high quality digital file like 192KHz sample rate
Reservation Recording
Schedule when you want the X40 to record iRadio with reservation recording
Edit recorded files
Edit recorded files cutting by unit of track or adding album tag info
Audio file format conversion
Convert existing audio files into other formats, (e.g. MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A) for use on other devices - MP3 player, car stereo, etc
Gapless Playback
Section Repeat
Set specific section to play repeatedly
Photo Slideshow
Photo slideshow while listening to your tracks
Resume Play
After booting up, resume playing automatically where it was last stopped.
Scroll Speed
Photo slideshow while listening to your tracks
HDD Format
Easy solution to format hard disk with Linux file system or NTFS
Import & Export your music
Import/Export music to/from the X40 Music DB via USB or over a network
Edit music tag info
Make Playlist
Music DB backup & Restore
Make 'My Playlist'
This is virtual playlist
Auto Shutdown
Schedule when you want the X40 powered off
HDD Sleep
Go into sleep mode as set
USB Keyboard
Use an USB keyboard to edit song tag info easily